For TQ_V3/V4 and TQ V3/V4 MAX Version


TQ V3 Motorised instructions V 1.6.40 "from 28th of august 2017"PDF









last Version: CFY_TQ_Setup_V3_V4 / Requires SimConnect (for PMDG)

last Version: CFY_TQ_Setup_V3_V4 / without SimConnect




Please update FSUIPC4 Current Version 4.971 or FSUIPC5 Current Version 5.124 or XPUIPC  Current Version or

XPUIPC Version from 2018-Sep-26 for XPlane

For iFly: iFlyToFsuipc1.0




This update solves problem with Speedbrake with ProSim737 // CFY Console V 1.6.40

This version works from ProSim737 version "ProSim737-v1.51b16"
You can find the versions here:


First, you need to enable the mixed mode:


Then in the analog input, use the same name as the generic name and the calibration should work:


Before re-calibrating in ProSim737 restart the PC! Only then will the new settings be accepted in ProSim737.





Attention ProSm737 users, as of this version, settings in ProSim737 Config must be changed! See instructions!

Instructions For updates from version 1.6.34 for ProSim737 users.pdf