B737 Throttle Quadrant Motorised V4 GoldPlus

Gamecontroller Boeing 737 Throttle Quadrant TQ

1 plug for power
1 plug for data
1 click software installation and ready for flight

Automatic software detection
Compatible with, FS2004, FSX, P3D V3 and V4, XPlane10, XPlane11, ProSim737, Project Magenta, Sim-Avionics, PMDG, PMDG NGX-, iFly ...
Game Controllers Boeing 737 Throttle Quadrant TQ
Metal construction

98% Aluminium and Steel
Driver included

New Trim Wheels

Thrust Levers = Motorised
SPD BRK = Motorised
Flight Detent = Motorised
SPD BRK  Down lock = Motorised
Trim Indicators = Motorised
Wheels = Motorised ( new Motor, Gear and Electronic Parts ) Real Speed Trim Wheels


Trim Indicators = Motorised
Parking Brake Retract = Motorised

Mechanical Trim Sound = Motorised


- adjustable Trim at the Wheel
- Left & Right Reverses
- Flap Lever
- Cut Off Levers
- Parking Brake
- Parking Brake Indicator Light
- A/T switches
- TO/GA switches
- Main/Elec switch
- A/P switch
- Horn Cutoff Switch
- Backlit
- safeguard for switch (StabTrim)





TQ V3 GoldPlus CFY


















TQ CFY GoldPlus11s


TQ CFY GoldPlus12s







































Thrust Levers

Are both Thrust levers individually motorized?                                         => yes

Are both Thrust levers plastic or metal?                                                     => Metal (Alu)

Do Lever have a mechanical slip clutch?                                    => yes

Do Lever have an electric slip clutch?                                        => yes

Are the Reverser levers locked until Throttle levers are at idle?             => yes

Are the Thrust levers locked until the Reverser levers are down?          => yes

Are the Reverser levers variable or just an on/off switch?                       => Variable

Are the A/T Disengage switches individual buttons or wired in

series a single button ?                                                                                   => each side a pushbutton

Are the TO/GA switches individual buttons or wired in

series a single button ?                                                                                   => each side a pushbutton


Stabilizer Trim

Do the Stab Trim indicators work/move?                                                    => yes

Are the Stab Trim indicators mechanically linked to the wheels or

 it is a separate servo?                                                                                    => separate

Are the Stab Trim wheel motors variable to provide the possible

Trim speed ?                                                                                                     => variable speed

For the drive of the trim wheel are used Number of motors:      => 3 Motor

Can the Stab Trim wheels be manually turned to adjust and

Move the stab trim ?                                                                                      => yes

Do the Stab Trim wheels have the retractable handles?                          => yes

Do the Stab Trim wheels have the white painted decorations?              => yes

What are the Stab Trim wheels made out of?                                            => POM

Do both Stab Trim cutout switches (MAIN/ELEC and AUTOPILOT)

work and are programmable?                                                                       => yes

Do both Stab Trim cutout switches include switch

any covers/guards/T-bars?                                                                             => yes


Speed Brake Lever

Is the Speed Brake lever motorized?                                                            => yes

Can the Speed Brake lever deploy from the Down and

 locked position?                                                                                              => yes

Can the Speed Brake lever return to the Down and locked position

after deployment?                                                                                           => yes

Is there a detent for the Armed positions?                                                  => yes

Is there a detent for the Flight Detent positions?                                       => yes  Electronic / mechanical


Parking Brake Lever

Is the Parking Brake lever motorized to release on toe brakes?              => yes

Is the Parking Brake lever locked in place (down and up) until the

toe brakes are applied?                                                                                   => Yes



Is the unit backlit?                                                                                            => yes

What is the warranty on this unit?                                                                => yes 6 months

Does this unit require special drivers or scripts (like SIOC)?                     => no SIOC / own software

Is your unit a native Windows USB Game Controller

or use an Ethernet connection?                                                                     => Ethernet

Does this unit come with Map Pockets on either side?                             => Yes / must be ordered separately !

Does this unit come with the Flap lever gates at positions 1 and 15?     => Yes

Does the Horn Cutout button work and is programmable?                      => Yes

Does this unit require external power (other than USB)?                         => Yes 100 -250V incuded in TQ

Does the TQ have mechanical trimsound?                                   => Yes

Is the sound switchable?                                                            => Yes

Used for Axis thrust bearing ?                                                     => Yes







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