B737 Throttle Quadrant MAX Motorised V6 Pro

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New from December 1st, 2023


From now on we also offer the newest model TQ for the B737
This TQ is also available in the versions V3 Silver, V3 Gold, V3 GoldPlus, V6 GoldPlus and V6 Pro
Prices for the different versions on request.


Gamecontroller Boeing 737 Throttle Quadrant TQ MAX

3 years warranty

Our pro model is intended for commercial use.
All Axis have needle bearings and steel thrust bearings.

Each axle is ball bearing at least 3 times.
All axles are mechanically reinforced.
Switches and buttons are supplied by manufacturers in the aerospace and military industries.
So we can make sure the customer of the comer targets simulators switches and buttons and and and ... does not break off or damaging.
All aluminum parts are made of a very hard alloy.
The Rev levers have been redesigned and are now working like a Real B737.
The Rev now has 3 Mechanical Lock points and 2 Motorized Lockout points and a rev counter.
For the operation of the Rev lever real forces are needed.
Furthermore, further software options for the realistic trim behavior are implemented in interaction with the yoke.


1 plug for power
1 plug for data
1 click software installation and ready for flight

Automatic software detection
Compatible with, FS2004, FSX, P3D V3,V4,V5 and V6; FS2020, XPlane10,11 and 12, ProSim737, Project Magenta, Sim-Avionics, PMDG, PMDG NGX-, iFly, Zibo ...
Game Controllers Boeing 737 Throttle Quadrant TQ MAX
Metal construction

99,9% Aluminium and Steel
Driver included

New Trim Wheels

Thrust Levers = Motorised ( incl. Electronic and Mechanical slip clutch )
SPD BRK = Motorised ( Mechanical slip clutch )
Flight Detent = Motorised
SPD BRK  Down lock = Motorised
Trim Indicators = Motorised ( new Version )Wheels = Motorised ( new Motor, Gear and Electronic Parts ) Real Speed Trim Wheels


Parking Brake Retract = Motorised

Mechanical Trim Sound = Motorised

- adjustable Trim at the Wheel
- Left & Right Reverses ,2 motorised locked position,3 Mechanical locking positions
  Real forces needed to operate the lever
- Flap Lever
- Cut Off Levers
  with shift blocking and indicator for engine fire
- Parking Brake
- Parking Brake Indicator Light (With light test function)
- A/T switches
- TO/GA switches
- Main/Elec switch
- A/P switch
- Horn Cutoff Switch
- Backlit
- safeguard for switch (StabTrim)

-Cards bags





















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