B737 Throttle Quadrant Motorised V4 Pro

Gamecontroller Boeing 737 Throttle Quadrant TQ

5 years warranty

Our pro model is intended for commercial use.
All mechanical parts have been revised.
All Axis have needle bearings and steel thrust bearings.

Each axle is ball bearing at least 3 times.
All axles are mechanically reinforced.
Switches and buttons are supplied by manufacturers in the aerospace and military industries.
So we can make sure the customer of the comer targets simulators switches and buttons and and and ... does not break off or damaging.
All aluminum parts are made of a very hard alloy.
The Rev levers have been redesigned and are now working like a Real B737.
The Rev now has 3 Mechanical Lock points and 2 Motorized Lockout points and a rev counter.
For the operation of the Rev lever real forces are needed.
Furthermore, further software options for the realistic trim behavior are implemented in interaction with the yoke.


1 plug for power
1 plug for data
1 click software installation and ready for flight

Automatic software detection
Compatible with, FS2004, FSX, P3D V3 and V4, XPlane10, XPlane11, ProSim737, Project Magenta, Sim-Avionics, PMDG, PMDG NGX-, iFly ...
Game Controllers Boeing 737 Throttle Quadrant TQ
Metal construction

99,9% Aluminium and Steel
Driver included

New Trim Wheels

Thrust Levers = Motorised ( incl. Electronic and Mechanical slip clutch )
SPD BRK = Motorised ( new Version )
Flight Detent = Motorised
SPD BRK  Down lock = Motorised
Trim Indicators = Motorised ( new Version )
Wheels = Motorised ( new Motor, Gear and Electronic Parts ) Real Speed Trim Wheels


Parking Brake Retract = Motorised ( new Version )

Mechanical Trim Sound = Motorised


- adjustable Trim at the Wheel
- Left & Right Reverses ,2 motorised locked position,3 Mechanical locking positions
  Real forces needed to operate the lever
- Flap Lever
- Cut Off Levers
- Parking Brake
- Parking Brake Indicator Light (With light test function)
- A/T switches
- TO/GA switches
- Main/Elec switch
- A/P switch
- Horn Cutoff Switch
- Backlit
- safeguard for switch (StabTrim)

-Cards bags







TQ V3 GoldPlus CFY


















TQ CFY GoldPlus11s


TQ CFY GoldPlus12s







































Thrust Levers

Are both Thrust levers individually motorized?                                         => yes

Are both Thrust levers plastic or metal?                                                     => Metal (Alu)

Do Lever have a mechanical slip clutch?                                    => yes

Do Lever have an electric slip clutch?                                        => yes

Are the Reverser levers locked until Throttle levers are at idle?             => yes

Are the Thrust levers locked until the Reverser levers are down?          => yes

Are the Reverser levers variable or just an on/off switch?                       => Variable

Are the A/T Disengage switches individual buttons or wired in

series a single button ?                                                                                   => each side a pushbutton

Are the TO/GA switches individual buttons or wired in

series a single button ?                                                                                   => each side a pushbutton


Stabilizer Trim

Do the Stab Trim indicators work/move?                                                    => yes

Are the Stab Trim indicators mechanically linked to the wheels or

 it is a separate servo?                                                                                    => separate

Are the Stab Trim wheel motors variable to provide the possible

Trim speed ?                                                                                                     => variable speed

For the drive of the trim wheel are used Number of motors:      => 3 Motor

Can the Stab Trim wheels be manually turned to adjust and

Move the stab trim ?                                                                                      => yes

Do the Stab Trim wheels have the retractable handles?                          => yes

Do the Stab Trim wheels have the white painted decorations?              => yes

What are the Stab Trim wheels made out of?                                            => POM

Do both Stab Trim cutout switches (MAIN/ELEC and AUTOPILOT)

work and are programmable?                                                                       => yes

Do both Stab Trim cutout switches include switch

any covers/guards/T-bars?                                                                             => yes


Speed Brake Lever

Is the Speed Brake lever motorized?                                                            => yes

Can the Speed Brake lever deploy from the Down and

 locked position?                                                                                              => yes

Can the Speed Brake lever return to the Down and locked position

after deployment?                                                                                           => yes

Is there a detent for the Armed positions?                                                  => yes

Is there a detent for the Flight Detent positions?                                       => yes  Electronic / mechanical


Parking Brake Lever

Is the Parking Brake lever motorized to release on toe brakes?              => yes

Is the Parking Brake lever locked in place (down and up) until the

toe brakes are applied?                                                                                   => Yes



Is the unit backlit?                                                                                            => yes

What is the warranty on this unit?                                                                => yes 6 months

Does this unit require special drivers or scripts (like SIOC)?                     => no SIOC / own software

Is your unit a native Windows USB Game Controller

or use an Ethernet connection?                                                                     => Ethernet

Does this unit come with Map Pockets on either side?                             => Yes / must be ordered separately !

Does this unit come with the Flap lever gates at positions 1 and 15?     => Yes

Does the Horn Cutout button work and is programmable?                      => Yes

Does this unit require external power (other than USB)?                         => Yes 100 -250V incuded in TQ

Does the TQ have mechanical trimsound?                                   => Yes

Is the sound switchable?                                                            => Yes

Used for Axis thrust bearing ?                                                     => Yes






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